So, which IDE must I choose?

Posted on October 16, 2010


Yeah. It’s a frequent question around the developer’s world.

I’ve tried to use Dreamweaver a long time ago, but sorry, isn’t an IDE. (I rest my case)

Well, I can be wrong. Dreamweaver can be an awesome tool.


And, before I forget, I will write some posts about the “IDE’s” below. (aka ‘reviews’)


Yes. That’s him. Before I tried to understand the VI world, I was using textmate (only for a short time). The differences between VIM and another “IDE” is that you have to forget everything that you have learned before, about the other IDE environment. VIM isn’t for lazy people, is tottaly ‘new’. A lot of new plugins are “produced” everyday and we can write new plugins for him. Also, the ‘commands’ are awesome.


Well, obviously we’re talking about PHP programming. It’s totally different from VIM (and how I hate to save with CTRL+S…) and he has some great tools for development and working with php. (personally, I loved the DOC generator ).


I tried, I swear. Too much bugs (yes, I know it is Eclipse Based) and focus is ruby on rails applications, not php for sure. (maybe in the Studio 3 Aptana can bring some REAL tools for php developers ).

Well, that’s it. I’ll be back soon.

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